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I was born and raised in Western New York. I grew up on Revere Place in North Buffalo. It was more of a village than a street, one of those special places that you can’t replace.

I am a WNYer.

I grew up hanging out on Hertel Avenue. I played baseball and football at Shoshone Park. For people who don’t really know about Hertel and Shoshone, that means I lived in a movie. Three generations of young men looked after one another like a brotherhood as parents and coaches worked together to run what seemed like one big North Buffalo family. Every day on Hertel and at Shoshone was significant because it involved learning from the finest people on Earth like my father who led the Reds to the championship at Shoshone every single year I played and my mother who was the best art teacher in Buffalo.

I went to Buffalo Public School #63 Campus North. My teacher, Mr. Frank Cecala, saved my life. When everyone else told me I needed major help and sent me to the office, he cast me as the lead and sent me to the stage as Pertruchio in The Taming of the Shrew. That’s all I needed. I was never in trouble in school again.  Thanks to the love and support from my parents and Mr. Cecala, after being expelled from several middle schools, I graduated with several honors.

I graduated from Canisius High School in 1997. I’m honored to say that I am now, and forever will be, part of a close knit group of Canisius brothers. Even though we are the busiest guys out there and don’t have much time to hang out after work and taking care of our families, we are Crusaders for life and forever bonded in our CHS brotherhood.  

I earned a BA and MA in English, an MS in Creativity and Change Leadership, and a CAS in Educational Leadership. I hold a professional NYS teacher certification as an English language arts teacher for grades 7-12. I also earned my NYS administrator certification as a School Building Leader and, now that the time is right for us, I am looking forward to transitioning to a position as a director of curriculum or school building administrator.

I am a proud husband and father of a precious 10-year-old daughter. My wife is my soulmate. I am completely in love with her and have been since the day we met. Our daughter is our angel. She means everything. I am truly blessed.

I am the creator and host of the YouTube and AM Buffalo segments School House 7 and Two Minutes of Teaching with Mr. Hall. I work day and night to produce You Tube and blog tutorials that share two minute literacy strategies with homework helpers and parents. I also write articles sharing tips for homeschooling. This is my passion. I’m here to help.

I work for the Buffalo City School District as an instructional coach. I specialize in middle school curriculum design and delivery, coaching and learning from general and special education teachers, and building positive school cultures and communities.

I volunteer as a facilitator for Leadership Buffalo’s youth leadership program and also as a member of the education committee at Explore and More Children’s Museum. We have many great community organizations in WNY!

I love writing. I am currently finishing my first novel called The Legend of King Zorbiar and just started to compile the first edition text version of Two Minutes of Teaching with Mr. Hall.  

I thoroughly enjoy being outside and camping, hiking, fishing, or anything that enables me to spend time in nature with my girls.

I love my girls. I love my students. I love being an educator. I love my dog. I love WNY. I hope this blog helps.

All the best,

Jay Hall
WNYer for Life

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